Technology in 2020,big evolution is on its way!

1)Cryptocurrency - After Bitcoin's meteoric price jump in 2017, tech players have begun to take cryptocurrencies seriously, even India is planning to have its own digital currency known as Digital Rupee. As different coins begin to work themselves out and exchanges even out the fluctuations in prices these assets can become a mainstream method of payment by 2020.

2)Internet of Things - IOT has been talked amongst tech people as the next big innovation in home technology, As the use of  IoT is increasing day by day with the growing adoption of different systems.

3)Blockchain - Blockchain, the decentralized ledger that holds together cryptocurrencies has applications reaching far beyond financial transactions. Companies have applied this technology to everything from simplifying tracking and access to information in academia to interesting and amusing games and therefore in upcoming days, Blockchain will be everywhere.

4)Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence, which once people believed that something out of a Sci-Fi novel is seeing the light and applications of the technology are already being worked on. By 2020 the innovation will be deeply entrenched.

5)Automation - While large-scale innovation in automation has traditionally been limited to the production side of society, but as many tech people are thinking of how it can be used on another side. The technology will be reaching far for consumers by 2020.

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