Sony introduces air conditioner that can be worn

As Sony's always surprises its user with new products here is the latest product from its crowdfunding platform is a wearable air conditioner(or heater) called Reon Pocket. The idea behind designing this device is to keep its wearer cool or hot when they step outside an uncontrollable temperature.


The wearable uses Peltier, an element that is used for car and wine coolers, SlashGear reports, and many other cooling things. It only needs two hours of charging and then you can enjoy it the whole day, Reon Pocket can be kept into the pocket of a specially made undergarment. One can then wear anything on top of that and use the companion app to control the temperature.


The discreet and functional device is available from Sony's First Flight crowdfunding platform. But the sad part is Indian can't enjoy it now because the product is only available in Japan and is worth USD 130 it also includes one t-shirt along with the device.

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