IPL 2019 CSK VS MI: The Indian 'El Classico'


Indian Premier League-2019:

Chennai super king is to face Mumbai Indians tonight. There is definitely no doubt about the large fan following these teams have. Definitely, there is no match-up for today's spectating group of people with eyes full of hope and anticipation of the winners.

There has been a very healthy rivalry between their teams and rightly said by the Mumbai India captain, Rohit Sharma;” this match is the ‘El Classico' of the Indian premier league.”

There is a strange but hilarious situation among the fans about this whole IPL season with a heavy sense of troll and support, the fans have engrossed them totally in this season.

With CSK comfortably acquiring a strong hand on the top position of the point table, now it is definitely a neck to neck completion. Statistics speak, Mumbai is the only team against which CSK has below 50% winning probability which is quite aggregable looking at the score of wins among the rivalries if we briefly look at the wins and loses of this rivalry:

Ipl 2008 Chennai wins by 6 runs

Ipl 2011 Mumbai wins by 8 runs

Ipl 2012 Mumbai wins by 2 wickets

Ipl 2013 Mumbai wins by 9 runs

Ipl 2018 Chennai wins by 1 wicket

Seeing the stats, we definitely are going to predict the match completely luring. Waiting for 8 pm today we definitely know it is a crucial point for both the teams especially Mumbai who is presently in the third position in the point table and cannot afford to lose against Chennai today!

With such pressure and wide fan following, now it is all upon the strategies and forms the players.

We as spectators are surely going to enjoy this evergreen rivalry.

Wishing the best team to win!

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