Thinking wisely in hard situations will always give a perfect solution

In a forest a black cat used to live there every day it used to come calmly and kill rats in the forest to feed his hunger, then the rats began to fear if this continues like this we all will be going to die within no time. On one fine day, those rats got an idea if we tie a bell in cat neck, while he was approaching us we can hear the sound of that bell and can run away from the cat easily and thus we can save our lives.


Then rats began to think how can we tie a bell on cats neck but they haven't got any solution for that and thus the days went on. After some days a white cat came into the forest and saw the black cat and said you are too black you look ugly like charcoal then the black cat felt very sad for that and went away from there the rats which were nearby heard their conversation and they got an idea. Some of the rats went near the black cat and said oh my dear friend that white cat was an enemy to you, that was also enemy for us because it daily kills our friends to feed her hunger. so, from today onwards we all are friends. we have an idea to make you superior from that white cat.


Then the black cat said is that please give me that idea then I will protect you daily from that white cat. Then the rats said that we will tie this bell on your neck this will let others know your arrival to everyone, and you know none other in the forest can have this one this is very precious, then black cat said please tie that then rat tied that on cats neck very hard. From that day rats began to save their lives hearing the sound of bell and cat was unable to get any food in the forest and died of hunger.

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