Life is Simple and Beautiful If You Shed Your Ego

Any person can live happily if he is free from the clutches of his mind and problems. Have you ever thought why we are not having control over our own mind instead our mind controls us? This problem comes with a strong ego but the question arose that how did such a person reach the egoless state? Chanakya explained that when a person is able to see God everywhere and in everything then the ultimate knowledge has awakened in an enlightened person. Ultimate knowledge and ego cannot go together. So ultimately his ego has vanished with the realization of God. When he reaches such a state, his happiness is not dependent upon any materialistic things.


His own focus is to get peace of mind. What enlightened individuals think? Is he having a different type of functioning mind? of course not. His thoughts are different. He is able to observe everything and have control over his mind. For eg. if the person wants a healthy body but he doesn't want to do the exercise but still he can convince his mind to do such activities and will do everything which is beneficial for his body, no matter whether it's painful or not. Such a person attains a state of true self-realization. People make their life complicated because of their egos. So, one should shed their ego and see how uncomplicated life becomes. Egoism gets dissolved in the knowledge of the Supreme Soul then wherever the mind goes there it meets the ultimate goal.





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