Hilarious signs that will make you laugh out loud… but which ones are real?


The funniest public service notices around have been shared online, and they’ll have you gasping with laughter Play close attention because something is about to happen Signs rule our lives, from ‘give way’ to ‘no smoking’ – but there are some funny notices that aren’t exactly as they seem. Some of the many hilarious public services posts shared online are 100% real and actually in use somewhere in the world right now. But others, while still funny, are not so traceable, and have likely sprung up as online memes. Have a look at this little lot and work out which ones are real and which are making a mockery of the practice of sign-posting. If you have spotted any funny signs of your own, remember to share them with the Mirror Facebook page.


Fruit attack While it would be brilliant to imagine that there are killer tomatoes planning their revenge, see the top, this sign has been shared widely on meme generators for years and no one seems to have an exact source, which is a real shame. IS IT REAL: Probably not Emergency exit Twitter’s office fire-safety poster is perfect This sign is displayed in Twitter’s New York City offices and shows the company’s sense of humor about what they do. IS IT REAL: Yes Avert your eyes Who doesn’t think of polishing off waffles when they’re in the buff? If this seems a little on the random side, that’s because it is – too random according to meme sites and online ‘funny signs’ lists for years. IS IT REAL: No Dress code A strict clothing policy in operation Sounds like an unusual place to visit – and, it turns out, probably not real. Online for more than five years, and still reeling people in today. IS IT REAL: No Park and hide Chilli’s car park signs are known for meaning what they promise Chili’s Grill and Bar customers will be familiar with this tongue-in-cheek sign, displayed at their sites across America to stop parking offenders from taking advantage of their spaces.


IS IT REAL: Yes Chewing the fat Does anyone really need to be warned about this? It looks legit, but it is hard to imagine what caused the sign to be put up. Although there’s not a source as such, it may well be in some public bathroom around the world – or just a meme dream. IS IT REAL: Maybe Oh deer Striking a pose with a deer is probably going to get you hurt It’s clearly a warning sign, but of what, it’s not immediately apparent. This deer roadsign has been shared online, but there’s little evidence to show it’s actually a real one. IS IT REAL: Probably not Under the Table The Cape of Good Hope has a special warning for visitors Table Mountain in South Africa is a tourist draw for thousands annually, but they’ve been warned not to take any little visitors home with them. IS IT REAL: Yes Look sharp The small print is the real key here As funny as it would be to have a sign warning about the sharpness of its own edges, a clue to this one is at the bottom, where it reads ‘Also, the bridge is out’ in small letters.


A real warning sign would hardly be so humorous. IS IT REAL: Probably not Please don’t go Toilets and bees are two words which should never be side by side If anything was going to make us not use the loo, it’s a sign warning of the bees which may be lurking nearby. As these two signs are not the same, it’s true that they may be technically related – but they have been making online commenters laugh since 2001, so it seems doubtful. IS IT REAL: Probably not No hook-ups Condoms as big as arms in this bizarre sign The sign was designed by a resident of East Oakland who had grown frustrated about the growing prostitution problem in his neighborhood. IS IT REAL: Yes Animal magic Beware of the crocs sign in an Australian Zoo Australia Zoo in Queensland spells out what can happen to anyone daft enough to mess with the crocodiles.

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