Buddha's eight fold path to end all suffering of life


While struggling for Enlightenment, Buddha had discovered Dhamma/ Four Noble Truths which form the central teaching of Buddhism.


The Four Noble Truth is:

- The Truth of Suffering

- The Truth of Cause of Suffering

- The Truth of End of Suffering

The Path that leads to the end of Suffering is the eightfold path.


The Eightfold path comprises the following:

- Right Vision or Understanding: It signifies a perfect view or understanding the nature of reality and path of transformation.

- Rights Thought or Attitude: It signifies having emotional intelligence and acting from love and compassion.

- Right or Whole Speech: It signifies clear, truthful, uplifting, and non- harmful communication.

- Right or Integral Action: It signifies an ethical foundation of life, based on the principle of no -exploitation of oneself and others. It contains five precepts:


*Do not commit violence

*Do not covet the property of others

*Do not indulge in corrupt practices or sensual behavior

*Do not speak a lie

*Do not use intoxicants


- Right Livelihood or Proper Livelihood: It signifies a Livelihood based on correct action and on the ethical principle of non-exploitation.

-Right Effort or Energy: It signifies consciously directing our life energy to the transformative path of creative and healing action.

-Right Awareness: It signifies develop awareness about oneself.

-Right Concentration and Meditation: It signifies Samadhi in the sense of enlightenment. It means concentration in a single objective at one time. Buddha had emphasized that if a person follows this Eightfold path, he can achieve everything in life.

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