What You See Is What You Get!!


To most of us this slogan is not new, it is used for entertainment. But for this reading, I would like to give you a new meaning of this slogan that can help you transform your life!


Have you ever listened to someone explaining an event, a place or a person and at that moment automatically a picture is created in your mind according to how it is described. You may not know the person or the place and you may have not attended the event but your mind will still give you pictures to relate to. This is not something that only few people can do, these images can be created by anyone’s mind. Everyone is capable of this.

I know you are still confused as to how this can relate, so read carefully the next words that follow and make sure you understand them. You can come back and read again until you grasp the points.

Among the places that you have completely control of is your imagination. No matter what happens in the outside world, no one can still the images in your mind. That is your castle for creating the life you want and you are the one with the key. You are free to form new images and erase the one you don’t like. Stop replaying the images of the past that has caused you pain and loss.


Everything that has been created by man, started as an image in the creators mind. From airplanes to cars to computers to houses. An engineer before building anything, he has to get a clear picture of what he is creating or else he won’t know where to start, what materials he need and what outcome is he hoping for.

Start having vision of what is possible. Play in your mind the things you want in life, the places you want to go and the people you want to share and surround yourself with.

People offer support and contribute to people who have a clear vision of what they want to do in life. So don’t wait for opportunities to come and find you unprepared. Prepare yourself, keep practicing, have faith and when the opportunities come, you will be ready to grab them.


Oh and one more thing no matter we should always remember there is a Higher Power/ God who knows us more than we know ourselves. That being said, you have to be flexible sometimes the road that you thought will take you to reach there or what you thought you want isn’t really what you needed.

Just know at the right time it will happen for you. Learn the lessons and keep growing!

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