What Is Your Wish?


What we actually want from my life? What we actually crave for day and night? Why are we working or doing things? What is the aim of life? We want to make yourself happy or to help others? We won't get any answer in our life unless we ask questions from ourselves and try to find the answers. We have to work for it then only we will get the result. If we are clear about what is our wish then ultimate we will work for it. Are you a selfish person or a kind one? Do you want to help people? We see people usually say that in this era we should not help people because they cheat you and everyone around us is self-centered.


But this is a misconception as a great person is always a giver, not a taker. People do regret after they help someone but one should think about karma. It was their karma that they behaved with you in such a manner. So, there is no need to regret it. We must know our wish if we wish to help other than ultimately we feel more relaxed and happy. The smile will heal your soul. As Chanakya says, those who work for the Welfare of others have a higher purpose in life. If you wish to help others then God will grant you many opportunities to work for the welfare of masses. Ultimately you will become a leader who is an inspiration for everyone.





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