Top 5 Tips to Get Comfortable in This Hot Weather!

Its that time when the sun feels like its burning you, its shinning so bright that makes people walk with umbrellas to cover themselves. Sunscreens are highly motivated to use. If you are in the house and you don’t have a fan or an AC life becomes hard, your body becomes weak.

Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the sun. But you know what they say “ Too much of something can be harmful.” So we cant escape this weather especially if you are in Delhi like me. That being said we can still do some few things that make us comfortable and still enjoy this warm hot weather.

Here are the few tips that your body will thank you for:

  1. Dehydrate, Dehydrate, Dehydrate!

Oh I cant stress this enough!

The body loses a lot of moisture through sweat and also in the cooling effect. Since its hot your body will work extra in cooling itself. We all know how water plays a major role when it comes to cooling. So in this season it is advised to drink lots and lots of water as this will help you to cool your body in and out. Preferably water at room temperature.


  1. Be Active

It is very tempting to sleep in during this weather as no one wants to go out in the sun. Our body feels so tired and just prefer to rest most of the times. Considering this weather is here for a long time, you not being active will make some of your body parts to adopt to the less movement character. After sometime you might find yourself having pains in some body parts. The joints are there for movement so if they are not subjected to do that there can be a problem in the long run. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to the gym or walk in the sun. You can decide to do some movement like stretching or any chore that will make you move at the comfort of your home.

  1. Try to eat healthy

Mmmh did someone say Ice cream or soda?!

Oh yes, hot weather are for ice creams and cold drinks but don’t forget that your body needs nutrients as usual. Vegetables and fruits are a good way to ensure you are still on point. Some vegetables like cucumbers are very good for dehydration. You can even switch it up and go for fresh vegetable or fruit juices. Make your body happy and it will return the favor.

  1. Wear Light Clothes

Looking at how the weather is, it’s already tiresome. You don’t want to add more to the heat by putting on heavy material clothing. Wear clothes that can make you comfortable and those that are made of light material. You want to be able to move freely. Yes, you can wear tight clothes but not too tight, you want to make sure you get as much air to your skin as possible.

  1. Smell Good!

Okay, we need to sit sown for this. I know this is number five on the list but it’s definitely not the least. The first four are for you. They are for your comfort but this include others. It’s hot already I mean no one wants to add another situation by being around a person who doesn’t smell good. You know yourself and what works for your body. If you just apply deodorant and perfume and it works the whole day then good for you. And if you need to walk with one so you can apply it in the middle of the day then well and good. Don’t let other people and yourself suffer as that will also make you uncomfortable.


This 5 tips are not the only ones, there are more out there that can help you enjoy your best life and smile back to the sun while it keeps smiling so hard on you!!!

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