Mental health:A stigma

According to a report by WHO,for every one million people there are only three psychiatrics and even few psychologists.Mental health has always been a stigma and continues to do so even now. Although countries in the west are becoming more and more aware regarding mental health issues,India has a huge stigma around mental health problems. 


Forget about working class ,even children have been diagnosed with acute depression. Thus,to say that only adults are affected from this is itself a very ignorant statement. Although it has been made mandatory for schools to have councillors ,a survey in Karnataka found that only 19 out of the total 101 international schools had  counsellors for the students.India has very few psychiatrics and psychologists.There is little awareness regarding mental health and various illnesses. 


People have the notion that if the illness is not visible than everything is fine. “Try to be happy!” , “It is all just in your head!” Or “You should be thankful for all you have!” are some of the common phrases people use everytime they hear someone is in depression.A lot of students suffer from academic and stress from various other activities in school.


 Thus,it becomes very important for having councillors who are trained in the field and not someone hired just for the sake of post. There is a stigma surrounding the councillors as well. A lot of people including children feel ashamed or fear to open up about their anxieties and problems because of the fear of made fun, Delhi government has taken various initiatives in improving education sector and one of the initiatives is the Happiness Curicullum which includes value education ,meditation, and mental exercises in conventional education curriculum.


Initiatives like these are helpful in addressing mental health in education and it is high time authorities and various education boards look into matter with more affirmation.Various activities and awareness are needed to be made regarding the stigma around mental health.

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