IITian writes in his 8-page-suicide note:Don’t forget to live, ek hi zindagi hain


An IIT-H student Mark Andrew Charles, a 25-year-old second year student of M Design at IIT-H, committed suicide by hanging himself at his room in the early hours of Tuesday due to the poor grades. He was from Varanasi. It is the second suicide on the IIT-H campus in last five months. Earlier,few months ago M Anirudhya, a final year B Tech student, jumped off the 7th floor of the hostel building on 1st February 2019.


He also wrote in the letter that the world never treats those who do not succeed in life, Mark said he was going to end his life because he was feeling empty, but not sad.In start of the letter by saying that he had decided to call it quits, the 25-year-old student asked his friends to stay strong in their lives and dont get depressed like me. He also had a few positive pomits to his friend Neel, writing that humanity was the key, and asked him to remember this always. He told his friends that “Ankit, Rajjo, IT Kam karte karte apne life mat bhul jana, live a little every day. Eki zindagi mili hai”.


Writing message to his parents, Mark wrote that he could not meet their expectations. “I don’t have a good portfolio, got bad grades and no job. I am sorry I could not do justice to all your sacrifices" Mark dated his suicide letter July 2, the police came to the conclusion that he died in the early hours of Tuesday 's midnight after writing the note. His friends, faculty and classmates broke down on seeing his lifeless body of  Mark Andrew Charles.

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