Benefits of Roadside Planting

Plants are the most beautiful and precious ones that Mother Nature has given. Plants are the main source of oxygen and they provide food for humans and give them the resources to satisfy their necessities. It is a human being's prime duty to safeguard them as a token of thanks and to ensure their survival in the future. This article speaks of how good it is to grow plants on the roadsides, on medians, etc.


  • Plants which are grown on the roadside function as water absorber which runs off the road. This leads to fewer chances of soil erosion and road flooding.
  • Spreading their branches along the roadside they provide sun shade for the pedestrians who walk by and acts as a shelter from the rain during the rainy season.
  • During night time they act as a boundary for the drivers who are unable to determine the end of the road.
  • They make the roadside soil solid in case it is loose. This stops accident caused due to the soil eroded when a heavy vehicle runs on it.
  • Roadside trees act as barriers from strong wind providing a comfortable drive for drivers.
  • They won’t allow the dust particles on the road to be spread all over the surrounding by letting the dust rest over them.
  •  They reduce the effects of greenhouse gas by taking in carbon dioxide and at the same time providing oxygen as a result of it.
  • When they are grown on the median, they stop penetration of light from the current lane to the opposite lane which may blind the driver while driving.
  • These plants act as a shelter and a source of food for birds, insects, and other animals.

Even though they are not watered daily, they provide human with these many ways to benefits them and nature. So you must start planting on the roadside and many will be benefited because of your action.


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