30 Year Old Sex Worker in Mumbai City Refused to Return Rs 100, Got Murdered


A 30-year-old sex worker was killed by her client in Nagpada after she refused to return Rs 100. According to the police, another person who tried to save her was also stabbed and is currently undergoing treatment at Nair Hospital, Mumbai Central, according to a Mumbai Mirror report. Police said the incident took place on Sunday around 11pm at Kamathipura's 12th lane, when Jeetendra Kumar Ranjit Singh, 28, stabbed the sex worker. The report added that he had allegedly paid her Rs 500 and demanded Rs 100 back, but she refused to return the amount. However, the two had initially agreed to Rs 400. Singh works for a catering company and was carrying a knife which he allegedly used to stab her on the neck and hands, the report said.

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