25% time is wasted by employees in searching,says the survey


According to the pune's survey finds that most employees spend a 25% of their time looking for the information they need to do for the given piece of work. For completing one work the employee needs to navigate three-four web pages resulting wasting of time and focus away. The manager more than half of their time executing daily routine tasks. This problem has been created due to IT has they think by bring new technology the work would be simplified but it's not the case in real world. It made,the reasearch says.


Tim Minahan ,Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cheif marketing officer says that "People today want the freedom to work where,when and how they want They expect things to be as easy as their lives are". Companies need to rethink while choosing an employee in such a today's tight market how should we decide how are reallky capable of doing work and who is master in searching.Its very difficult task.

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