Twitterati Goes All Crazy After the News of Sakshi Chopra Entering "Big Boss 14"
Twitterati goes all crazy after the news of Sakshi Chopra entering Bigg Boss 14 comes out
We are not sure about when the pandemic is going to end, but there is one thing we know for sure. Social media sensation Sakshi Chopra is definitely going to be immune from all the vote outs In the house of Bigg Boss this season. Now we know you all are wondering how in the world we know that? Don't stop reading, and you will know soon!!
From the moment the news is out that the Bigg Boss 14 will be filled with sassy and exuberant vibes of the foxy Sakshi Chopra, fans are bursting with excitement on social media. We haven't seen so much enthusiasm in people since forever, but the love of fans we have witnessed for this boss lady is breaking every record.
We came across so many tweets from her fans like this one where a fan has tweeted to team Bigg Boss, "I alone will give you the highest TRP...please get her in the show and make sure she stays till the finale!". That is not it, some comments are so hilarious yet filled with love, "please get her in the show...Maa Kasam Ramanand ki puri Ramayan dekhlunga jo mene kabhi nahi dekhi..pls make sure she stays till the final..Saare padosio ke TV on karwake TRP dunga..".
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And there are thousands of comments like this which show how gaga fans have been going over the news, and we wonder what will happen ones she is inside?
Sakshi Chopra Entering Big Boss 14

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