Entrepreneur Rakesh Deshmukh Hailing from Indore, Contributed to the Indian Economy & Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan


Indus App Bazaar is India’s largest indigenous and one-of-its-kind app store with 100mn+ users powering Samsung and 12 other Indian OEMs. India’s very own app store provides a superior experience by focusing on localization, simplicity, and user personalization by leveraging deep technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, Indus App Bazaar is truly designed for Indian audiences. It is also available in 12 Indian languages + English. There is no email address required to access the app store and download apps.


Numerous start-ups are vying for the Atmanirbhar pie to contribute to the Indian economyEntrepreneurs from Tier 2 & 3 cities are taking charge of their destiny by creating innovative solutions and for entrepreneurs like this Indus App Bazaar is the perfect distribution partner. Mr. Rakesh Deshmukh with his cofounders has enabled this ecosystem by giving startups support of up to $25,000 Free AWS credits. Rakesh who hails from Indore, Madhya Pradesh through Indus OS wants to reach the heartland of India to bring about a sustainable impact. His journey started at IIT Mumbai and Indus OS is his 3rd venture. In the duration of 7 years, the company has taken the road less traveled to uplift India’s digital economy by providing a holistic platform for enriching the smartphone usage for Indian users and diverse opportunities for Indian app developers. The company has received investments from  Omidyar Network, Ventureast, JSW Ventures, Samsung Investment Ventures, and Affle.


Indus App Bazaar is currently working to forge partnerships with global OEM/telco partners, which will help them, increase their user base and are also working to allow deeper revenue integrations and partnerships to expand their app store monetization channels within Samsung devices. The company has been able to manage the COVID-19 pandemic gracefully through no employee layoffs or salary cuts. In fact, the company has undertaken hiring during the pandemic to grow their teams.


On achieving the 100 million mark, Mr. Rakesh Deshmukh, Co-founder & CEO, Indus OS said; “While the world looks at Indians as consumers with Indus App Bazaar we have been able to demonstrate that India is also a creator's market. Amongst 400,000 apps on our store, there are thousands of solutions developed and localized especially for India. Jab padega Bharat, tab badega Bharat.”


Our idea is to reinvent and create a rewarding experience for app store users. Our vision is to become one of the top app & content discovery platforms by 2023. We want to deeply engage with the developer community not just for distribution but also for the re-engagement of their users and provide more deep analytics to fine-tune their products. With this vision and foresight we stepped into this business and today as we cross the 100milion mark it gives us the feel and satisfaction that we are working in the right direction and are able to achieve the desired customer interface.




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