If Exit Polls 2019 are Right, BJP will once again conquer the voting’s


The NDA is again towering for a massive victory in the 17th Lok Sabha election if exit polls are to be taken. Except numbers may vary but exit polls are showing the same results. Maybe for the first time in India, all polls are trending across the same result.


Exit Polls 2019: Lok Sabha election


Going by these stats, it is possible that the BJP could be on its way with over 300 seats and the NDA around 350 seats. The survey figures are between 227 and 352. There is an agreement in exit polls on the Congress prospects that Rahul Gandhi’s party may not reach beyond the hundred mark. BJP is expected to conquer big in eastern India. Another important aspect is that the Left Front in India will get less than 10 seats in the Lok Sabha for the first time.

The Polls of Polls gives the BJP led NDA 302 seats out of 543 and the Congress & its allies 112.


Another interesting poll feature is the disagreement on the Uttar Pradesh scenario where all consensus on BJP sweeping Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The BJP also making big strides in Bengal and Odisha, in this regard, usually regional parties are on the decline.


This going on Modi wave, if proved correct then it will be twice in history that the electorate in India has reelected an already posted Prime Minister for a second term. If NDA wins, then it was all down to Modi’s popularity and voter’s unbreakable faith in him.


PM Modi’s mighty performance as a Prime Minister gives the NDA an easy going run in the polls. He has one handly taken the helm of this campaign and this 2019 election is all about Modi.


But we have to take exit polls with a bit of precaution because at best they can be an indicator of the trend going on. But exit polls have rarely been accurate on numbers and more of it they are a mere possibility factor.


In the 2014 Lok Sabha election, no exit poll had foreseen a clear win for BJP or NDA. The highest predicted for the NDA was 250.


We have before us a dozen polls and to tell which one is closer to being a reality, we have to wait till May 23rd.



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