Types of friends we all have


The term 'Friend' itself brings back intense feelings and memories in one's life. Generally while introducing to others, we will say, he is my best friend, she is just a good friend etc. Let us look at different types of friends we all might have. Best Friend These type are compulsory in everyone's life. We all should have at least one best friend with whom we share each and every small thing, express ourself, fight, laugh, cry, tease and its more like he/she becomes family. These types are like goto for our every deed and need. Childhood Friend, Most of us have their best friend and childhood friend one and the same.


Only a few people have two different persons. Childhood friendships are the most innocent and cute ones. If yours and my favourite colour are the same or you have a bat and I have a ball then we are friends. Sounds a bit silly. Isn't it?. But, truly, we share so many beautiful memories with them.  Good friend These are similar to best friends but we cannot completely be ourselves and expressive with them. We should take note of so many factors like their feelings, whether they are comfortable or not and more or less, some sort of formal behaviour is required with them. Social Friend These are just for our social life. They are more like Hi-Bye friends. We don't share any special bond with them.


Generally, we come across such friends during college fests, social media, mutual friend gatherings etc etc., Firebrand Friend These types are like extra toppings on a pizza. They bring entertainment and life to any party or conversation they are part of. Also, these kinds are the most extrovert type and firebrand ones. They will teach us to be expressive and live in the moment. Fun Type These includes all those friends who annoy us at the moment but will give so many memories to treasure. Such as late commer friend, friend who borrow everything from us, friend who doesn't show up in the last minute, Einstein friend who is like a walking, talking library, tall friend, chotu friend, and lastly that one 'Mahaan' friend who is good to all and will help everyone and many more. I hope most of your friends are covered in this article. No matter what type they are, ultimately they are friends. Enjoy and cherish them. Happy friendship eve 

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