World Red Cross Day : Interesting facts about Red Crescent Day

8th of May every year is celebrated as the World Red Cross Day. It basically marks the celebration of good work by the volunteers of the Red Cross Movement around the world.  Henry Dunant is the person who initiated the idea of Red Cross Movement. The idea behind this movement was conceived after witnessing the horrors on the battlefield during the Battle of Solferino in 1859 in Italy between the Austrian army and the Franco – Sardinian alliance.

The Red Cross Flag looks like an inverted Swiss Flag and was designed by Henri Dunant. The theme of this year World Red Cross Day 2019 is “#Love.”

 Let us delve into the interesting facts of it on the World Red Cross Day.

  • The unique way of response from Red Cross is to blood drives in communities along with the first aid training courses. They make every possible effort to prepare the family for military services.
  • In order to acquaint the people about specific responses, Red cross conducts events which are widely known as “free Smoke Alarms”. The volunteers install free smoke alarms across the countries to teach fire safety to residents.
  • The Red Cross society also has a Red Cross App that usually works as an emergency app for unpredictable events. This app acts as life savior for those who are in need of immediate response.
  • The seven most important principles of Red Cross Society are- Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, Universality.
  • The various slogans for 2019 World Red Cross Day are- “The Red Needs You, Join Now”, “Think Safety First” etc.
  • The Red Cross Day also empowers youth to learn various methods and techniques to actually stand upon the phrase “ Survival to the fittest”.




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