Supreme Court Directions on Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra


On June 18, the Supreme Court didn't allow rath yatra at Puri. But on June 22, the court allowed rath yatra at Puri as it is the tradition of centuries and it is believed that if rath yatra won't be allowed then as per the tradition, lord Jagannath won't come out for 12 years.


The Supreme court gave some conditions which should be followed during Yatra:

1. No one will be allowed to enter the city during the period of rath yatra. As airports, railway stations, bus stops, and all other entry points in the city of Puri will be closed.

2. There shall be curfew all the time during the procession of rath Yatra in Puri. Do one selfie allowed to come out of the house or any residents during the curfew.

3. Persons who will be engaged in rath yatra shall be tested for COVID-19 and if their reports are negative then only they will be allowed. Apart from this only 500 people shall be allowed to pull each rath.

4. The people must ensure at least a one-hour interval between two chariots.

5. People who were engaged in rath yatra are required to maintain social distancing during rath yatra as well as before and after this festival.

6. All the rituals associated with rath yatra will be performed by those whose reports are tested negative and they are also required to maintain social distancing.

7. Each member of the committee in charge of Puri Jagannath temple administration shall ensure that direction of the court will be followed and also ensure Public health as all of them shall be responsible for everything. The designated officers of the State Government of Odisha are also responsible for the conduct of rath yatra.

8. The government shall allow visual media to cover all the rituals and rath yatra freely. So that people can get all the opportunities visually.

9. Commission in-charge of Puri Jagannath temple authority will allow participation of a minimum number of people in rituals and Rath Yatra. The state of Orissa has taken care of people during this pandemic. So the court also expects them to take required care during rath yatra too.

10. The court ordered that the Union government shall be ready to help the state government if required. So the State government of Odisha can ask for any kind of assistance from the union government if they feel necessary.

11. The state is required to maintain a record of people who are allowed to participate in rath yatra along with their medical reports.





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