Suicide: A couple jumped into a river along with their 4 months old Son

Indore: This Friday morning, a couple along with their 4 month old child jumped off the hanging bridge on the river Narmada in Omkareshwar. Dildar Ballu and his wife Guna Ballu were save by the boatsmen of the area.


The couple is  residents of village Barela in  Nepanagar. Mandhata Police says, “Locals raised alarms as soon as they saw the couple jump off the hanging bridge over the river Narmada”


“Mukesh Kevat, Deepak Kevat and Bunti Bheel, the Boatsmen rowing their boats along the river reached for the rescue.” He added.


They managed to pull Dildar and wife Gunabai however, the 4 month old kid Rohit drowned. His body is yet to be recovered. Dildar in a statement told the police that he has been suffering from a stomach ailment and his family was not able to bear the cost of the treatments hence decided to end their lives.


After this incident the couple was admitted to a Local hospital in Omkareshwar.


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