Re-Election in West Tripura Parliamentary constituencies on 12th May

Later on May 8th, the  Election commission of India made some announcement regarding the failure of following law and order in Tripura Parliament Election. The Tripura parliamentary constituency is divided into two, namely the west and the east. The First phase Election Polling which was held on April 11th, 2019 in West Tripura assembly constituency is declared as void by the Election commission of India and the body as has ordered to re-conduct the election on 12 May 2019.

The Order was triggered because the opposition parties in that state claimed that allegations of massive booth capturing and violence on Election held in 168 voting polls at 26 parliamentary constituencies on 11.04.2019.

The Opposition parties Communist party (Marxist) and Congress have claimed that the BJP, the ruling party, in Tripura is the cause of law and disorder during the election by taking control over voting booths, forcing voters to vote for them, using violence and many more. Both the parties have demanded the Election commission to action regarding this issue.

Congress secretary said that “Our party delegation met deputy Election Commissioner Sudip Jain and said none of our party representatives was present during the video footage’s scrutiny by the chief electoral officer of Tripura. We believe the report sent by the state election authority was submitted to ECI with the intention of suppressing the real fact of mass rigging. For this, we demand that a fresh poll in the West Tripura constituency should be done.”

Jitendra Choudhury of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) said that “What we are seeing this election is the accumulation of 13 months of lawlessness ever since this BJP government came to power.”

After investigating and verifying the proof this decision of re-election of west Tripura along with the 6th phase of parliament of the election was made by the Election commission of India.



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