PM Modi Government to present new budget from 5 July 2019

PM Modi Government to present new budget from 5 July 2019.


The first session of the 17th Lok Sabha will held from 17 June - 16 July, with the regular budget to be presented from 5 July, Union Minister said. The dates of the session were decided in the cabinet meeting of the Narendra Modi government.


The President's address to the joint sitting of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will take place on 20 June. The economic survey will be tableted on 4 July followed by the presentation of the budget on the next day. The session will have a total of 30 sittings. It will be the first budget of the Modi government in its second term and it will be presented by Finance Minister. The interim budget for the year 2019-2020 was presented by the Finance Minister on 1st February.


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