Pledge of the New Japan Emperor

Akihito, the previous emperor of Japan, recently abdicated, on 30th April.  He was 85 year old and abdicated because of his age and failing health. He will now be known by Emperor Emeritus. He is succeeded by his 59 year old son Naruhito. He pledged as the Emperor in a small ceremony in the Imperial Palace. He was also accompanied by his wife, Empress Masako.

He said “I swear that I will reflect deeply on the course followed by the Emperor Emeritus ... and fulfil my responsibility as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people of Japan.” After the end of his father’s era, he marked the start of the new “Reiwa” era.

 He was also passed a sword and a gem that has been passed down by generations. These treasures act as a symbol of power as Japanese emperors do not wear crowns. Both the emperor and the empress are democrats and thought to be more modern in their outlook. He is expected to follow his father’s legacy and be more close to the people. Naruhito was educated at Harvard and had a promising career as a democrat. The Emperor and the Empress have one child, Princess Aiko. The princess wouldn’t be getting the throne in the future as the Japanese culture does not allow women to inherit the throne.

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