Pakistan Put a travel Ban on Masood Azhar and Order to Freeze his Assets

Islamabad: Pakistan has sanctioned an official order to put a travel ban and freeze the assets of JeM chief Masood Azhar after his international status of a “Global Terrorist” in the UN was given green light. The Pakistan based terrorist Azhar is also been banned from arms and ammunition dealings.


The UN-approved-committee on the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda declared on Wednesday Azhar the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) an international Terrorist following its ties to Al-Qaeda.


The JeM has laid claim for the Pulwama suicide attack resulting in the martyrdom of 40 CRPF soldiers which further escalated to military tensions between India and Pakistan.


Pakistan’s foreign ministry in the official notification on Wednesday said “"the Federal Government is pleased to order that the Resolution 2368 (2017) be fully implemented" against Azhar.


As per the official notification, the government will take action as deemed for the implementation of sanctions against the Azhar (JeM chief).


Azhar listing as a “Global terrorist” comes in the UN after the China sole-out standoff against the blacklisting of Azhar by the US, the UK, and France coming to an end following a wave of international pressure.


The world top powers the US, UK, and France had directed the proposal to declare Azhar as a “Global Terrorist” in the UN Security Council’s 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee in February following the deadly Pulwama attack masterminded by the JeM outfits in Jammu and Kashmir.


On Wednesday, Pakistan foreign office spokesman Mohammad Faisal tells we will effectively enforce the sanctions placed on Azhar with immediate implementation.


China a permanent veto-wielding member of the UNSC was the only nation holding out against the bid of blacklisting of Azhar in the 15-nation body by citing reasons a technical hold-out or asking more time on the blacklist bid of the Azhar.


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