Monsoon calming summers finally.

In the last 12 years, monsoon this year is driving  with slowest pace. But it  for sure is committed to deliver a relief from the summer. Since June 19 it  has covered 10 states, and is making way for 2 more in falling 4 days.On Sunday Varanasi, was poured on covering almost 700 km in four days. Unlike usual monsoon, this  year it still has to reach Mumbai, but have already showered over Varanasi.

''Monsoon is likely to reach Mumbai in a day or two and cover most parts of Maharashtra by June 25, after which the system is likely to go into a brief lull again,” said D Sivananda Pai, IMD’s lead monsoon forecaster,
As of the North, it may make a little further on Monday. Even after speeding, the rain deficiting remains lower  than usual. The graph has  gone down from 44% to 38%. But when compared to the late onset and slow pace of it, the difference is significantly justified.
Anyhow the nation will be  relieved from the scouting heat of this summer by the coming week. The states battling with drought in the  central and south of India might come alive through the shower. Also Bihar, will be helped with the  temperature drop which will also drop the AEC deaths. Marathwada and Vidrabha were also fighting against the water scarcity were relieved by the rainfall on Sunday. Still many of the states are waiting on the monsoon. Central India still continues to have the highest rainfall with the  deficiting percentage of 43.5. As per the verdicts of IMD officials, June will end up with a large rain deficit.
“The presence of a weak El Nino seems to have affected monsoon, delaying its onset over the Indian mainland and its slow progress thereafter,”  an official said.


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