Jeweller's Gold and Silver bag blew away from car's trunk

JODHPUR- Jeweller’s two bags of gold and silver worth 20 lakhs were stolen in basni Madhuban area on Saturday morning. Two youngsters have stolen both bags from the car’s trunk. In one bag, half kg of gold and more than five kg of silver items which costs around 20 lakhs. Two Youngsters have been caught in CC TV cameras, they were stealing the bags. Police are investigating for them. The blockade was done across the city but they could not find them.

Basni Police Station Incharge Rajuram told that Prateek Rajpurohit, a jeweller who is resident of Saraswati Nagar. He owns a shop of jewellery named Mateshavari jewellery near Basni Madhuban bus stand area. As per daily schedule, he reached at the shop on Saturday morning also, but before opening the shop he always goes to the temple to visit. He parked the car in an empty place and went to worship in the temple. Meanwhile, the two men riding on a bike came and opened the car's trunk and took the two bags placed in it. When Pratik Rajpurohit returned from the temple and he was shocked while seeing the opened trunk of the car. The two bags were missing from the car. Seeing this, he lost his senses and immediately reported to the police. The police arrived from nearby Madhuban police station. At the same time, the police station Incharge Rajuram also reached. He said that the trunk has been opened by putting the master keys. The clever opponents played this incident into five-seven minutes.


In the initial investigation, it has been said that the shopkeeper has not taken into account the details of that entire jewellery, but he estimated that there was half kg of gold and five to eight kg of silver items. Police checked the nearby and front CC TV cameras of the shop. The men who caught in the camera came on black Pulsar Bike and the driver was wearing a helmet.  



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