ECI brings forth the reality of Indian democracy

ECI with their report on the amount seized brings forth the ugly truth about Democracy in nation.ECI, Election Commision of India, presented their report on the numbers showing how much of voting in India is democratic. They showed the value of seizure made by authorities during the period on Lok-Sabha election 2019, conducted on May 19.



The  report clearly questioned the democracy India hauls about. ECI's data shows the collective worth of cash, gold and silver, liquor, drugs, and other narcotics seized during the elections. The amount this  time was immensely larger than that of calculated in 2014. In 2014 it summed up to 804.59 Crore, which multiplied to 3,475.70 Crore this year. Tamil Nadu led the way in the seizing, with a amount of 952 crore, followed by the state of Prime Minister himself, Gujarat. It gave out  a sum of 554 crore, third in the relay is the capital, Delhi with 430 crore. The state with least amount of 88 crore is Karnataka. Union Territories were found withy much less of amounts as compared to the huge hideous numbers of heatlands - Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chandigarh. The collection was recovered between March 25 and May 23.​



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