Dutee Chand's family accuse KIIT for her choices in life


Dutee Chand's family accuse KIIT for her choices in life

Hours after Odia sprinter Dutee Chand opened up about her same-sex relationship, her family members accused Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) of instigating the athlete and attempting to usurp her prize money.Questioning Dutee’s decision to marry a girl, her mother alleged, “Dutee is a girl and ideally she should marry a man but I how can she marry another girl. When I came to know about her same-sex relationship, I told her it would not be welcoming but she said that KIIT lecturers are completely supporting her decision on marrying with another girl".


“Dutee never shared any details of her earnings, not even about the Rs 3-crore prize money that she was awarded. I am just shocked that she dared to ask us to beg one day when I refused to accept her decision of marrying another girl. Since she spends most of her time in KIIT, I believe that a big conspiracy is being hatched at KIIT where Dutee is presently staying and pursuing her career,” said her mother. Dutee’s sister, Saraswati, also toed the line of her mother and alleged that there has been a deliberate attempt by her so-called ‘godfather’ & teacher of her educational institution to usurp her prize money. On Dutee’s same-sex relationship and decision to marry another girl, Saraswati said that it is her personal choice but said that Dutee’s decision will prove to be a big mistake in future.


“A group of selfish people with vested interests are emotionally blackmailing Dutee and will eliminate her in a year or two to claim her wealth, so we urge the government to intervene and protect the life and resources of Dutee,” said Saraswati. Dutee, who is a 100m record holder and winner of two Asian Games silver medals, revealed that she has been in a relationship with a girl from her home town for the past three years. The 23-year-old claimed that Supreme Court’s landmark verdict to decriminalise same-sex relationships provided them the impetus to arrive at a decision of spending their lives with each other.


Meanwhile, facing a tough battle of acceptance in her family following her revelation, Dutee while speaking to PTI, clarified, “My eldest sister kind of wields power and authority in my family. She has thrown out my elder brother from home because she does not like his wife. She has threatened me that same will happen to me. But I am also an adult who has individual freedom. So, I decided to go ahead with this and make it public.” “My eldest sister feels that my partner is interested in my property. She has told me that she will send me to jail for having this relationship,” said Dutee.

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