Congress leader shot and killed,footage on CCTV.

On Thursday morning, Haryana leader of Congress was murdered. He was shot by two unidentified men in Faridabad. The 38-year-old was in his car at the parking lot of the gym. As soon as he got into his car he was shot. The accused bombarded the windscreen of his car with 10 bullets. The murder was committed at around 9 am, and the CCTV on the road captured the incident. The footage of this day-light murder shows how two men walked toward the car parked in the corner and open fired on it. The footage also rolled how one of the attacker calmly walk away from the shooting position andd came to check in through the car window. Both the attackers easily fled for the crime spot, even after several people being there. Meanwhile Mr Chaudhary was rushed to a hospital by the locals, and there the doctors annouced him dead on arrival.

The police has calculated that the murder involves four men, who came in a Maruti Suzuki SX4 car. Out of four, two went ahead and shot Mr Chaudary. For further investigation the police is waiting for the postmortem report. Meanwhile, Congress is lashing out and questioning law and order of the BJP led state. When asked about  the incident, the Chief Minister of state, Manhor Lal Khattar said '' it is not in my knowledge right now''Just before which Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi tweeted
 '' The murder of the Congress spokeperson in Faridabad is condemnable, shameful and sad. This is a reflection of the deteriorating law and order in Faridabad.'' Ashok Tanwar,  Haryana Congress president said.
"It's 'jungle raj", there is no fear of law. Same kind of incident happened yesterday, where a woman who opposed molestation was stabbed. There should be an investigation," the Congress tweeted
"We are deeply angered and saddened by this act of grotesque violence against a member of the Congress Party. We urge the Haryana government to bring the perpetrators to justice at the earliest. Our sincere condolences to his family in this time of grief,"
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