Auto Union declares to launch agitation on July 9

The Union of auto declares to launch an agitation in the second week of July i.e on 9th July.The union are demanding for the major five demands that they want the state government to fulfil by June 30, one of them being a 33% fare hike (raise base price by Rs 6) as per the Hakim Committee. The five main demands that the union want the state government to fulfil by June 30 are the first one is to raise the fare by 33% fare hike ie to increase the fare by Rs 6 so it will be 24 Rs the starting fare.



Other demands are to include medical benefits,shuttering mobile aggregators like Ola and Uber,welfare schemes for drivers including PF and gratuity and reduce premium s on vehicle insurances. In one month i.e till 30 th June if the demands are not fulfilled then the drivers across Mumbai and Maharashtra have decided to launch agitation and to stay off the roads. There are all together 1.82 lakh autos registered in Mumbai and approx 8.63 lakh across the state. Shashank Rao president of Auto-rickshaw Chalak-Malak Sanaghatana Sanyukt Kriti Samiti said " We want the government to take a decision by June 30,else we shall go on strike from 9 th July".

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