A 22-year-old woman beaten up to death for asking due salary, An 16-year-old girl raped at gunpoint.


Can any law help to hold back the crimes that are bestowed upon the woman across in India? Can there be anything that would make realise people that women here are human beings with the same flesh and blood?

A 22-year-old woman was beaten up to death by her former employer for asking the due salary! The incident happened around in Ghaziabad, UP where a woman, who was formerly working under his employer, Mr M.K. Saxena, a refrigerator repair shop was beaten up to death for demanding her to be paid salary. This Friday, the woman after resigning from her job, went near her former employer to ask the due salary. Upon this, the son of the owner who was present there started beating her up, with abusive hurls at her. The son’s name was Rohit Saxena. This was reported by an eye witness, who has witnessed the cruelty the owners had bestowed upon the lady. When the woman fainted after tolerating the injuries and getting beaten up, she was even tortured by pouring hot water on to her face.

The police who has registered an FIR has reportedly said, “The store's owner, M.K. Saxena also joined his son and began thrashing the victim, hurling abuses at her. Reportedly, when the victim fell unconscious, the accused allegedly poured hot water on her face.”

This event occurred at Suchitra complex on Ambedkar Road. The victim was immediately taken to the MMG hospital by the local police officials, and the body has been sent for a post mortem and the reports are awaited. No arrests have been made in this case, until the reports come out.

At the same time, a 16-year-old girl is allegedly raped at gunpoint in Bhabisa village of Shamli district. This has happened on Saturday when the victim was out to relax. The girl’s father has reportedly lodged a complaint against the rapist, who had raped the girl at gunpoint, in his own house, and has also threatened the girl of worst consequences on the disclosure of this matter.

Police have affirmed the fact of finding the unconscious girls at rapist's place. Further investigation into the matter is being carried out.

People have definitely lost than humanity and sanity! 

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