20-year-old DU student commits suicide


A student of DU college, Ram Lal Anand college was found hanged. 20 - year - old, Utkarsh Sharma, pursuing BA(Hons) Political Science, in his third year of graduation was found dead at his  residence. He used to live in Nanakpur, New Delhi.  Utkarsh was also the president of the Student's Union in his collection. The incident was found out on Thursday. Police's investigation points towards suicide.  Although no suicide note was found in the vicinity. Senior police officer said, that Utkarsh used to live  with his parents in the government quarters, in Nanakpur.

On Thursday morning, Utkarsh's family left for their hometown in Uttar Pradesh. They tried reaching to their son, called him, but they all went unattended. Next they called their elder son who lives in Palam, to go check on him. When the elder brother reached to the residence in Nanakpur, he found it to be locked from within. After breaking the door he entered, and saw his brother hanged. He then cut the string, and brought Utkarsh’s body down, and found him dead. Police suspects this as a suicide case, and is looking for the reason responsible for taking such a huge step.
Principal of Ram Lal Anand college, Rakesh Kumar Gupta says he recall Utkarsh as a  smiling student."I came to know about it. He was a good student and I had spoken to him around May 21-22 and he had told me his exams went well. He always had a smiling face," ​he said. Minali Gupta, the Vice-President of the Student's Union said he got the news through his fellow students, and was moved. "We had a brief interaction on May 21, the last day of the exam. I do not know what forced him to take such an extreme step. It is saddening to hear this piece of news," she said.


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