Fire Breaks Out in Mumbai's Goregaon

Fire breaks out in Mumbai's Goregaon.

A fire broke out at the Cama Industrial Estate in Mumbai's Goregaon at yesterday's night approximately at 02:15am. Due to sudden fire break the second floor of the building badlly fallen down. Film production factory has to suffer the fire break at high 3rd level, that means the flames of the fire spread everywhere.

During the fire break, one of the worker get injured and faint after a while. Twelve fire tenders reached at the spot to douse the flames which broke out at around 2:30 am. Fire tenders were trying their level best but as the flames were already soo spread, so it takes a little bit of time to douse the fire. 

The strange thing is, no one knows how the CAMA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE cathes the fire.


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