It is Not Wrong to be Rich

People think being rich is bad. They say, rich people, don't have a heart. They are arrogant. But these words are always said by a poor man for a rich man. A rich man will never do this kind of shit. Actually, he won't have time to do all this. Poor people say this because they see rich people from far and never see their life closely.

They don't see the hustle that the rich people have made to reach there where they are. Even if they know it they just ignore it. This is because they are jealous of people who are more rich than them. And in jealousy, we always see the wrong and not the right. We see the negativity, not the positivity.

People cannot be like them so they try to pull them down.  Don't you think this is wrong? Or do you dislike other people just because they are better than you? If you do I hope you will not from now. Never hate people without any reason. Try to know them better or learn things from them.

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