All you need to know about World bicycle day

Cycling is a form of transportation which is healthy, environment-friendly and cost-effective. Traveling by means of a bicycle will have a lot of engagement with the society which helps the person to gain awareness quickly. We all have bicycle memories like falling from bicycles, brother or sister holding the back of bicycle until you move and they leave the bicycle at once, or while coming back home from school you may have some plays from your bicycle with your friends.


Along with time, we moved forward with bikes and cars leaving our bicycles to rust. To bring back the cycling habit for the purpose of versatility, longevity, and uniqueness United Nations has declared June 3rd as World bicycle day. Cycling is good for the mind, body, weight loss, preventing heart diseases and also for preventing cancer. Cycles do not produce any pollutants or greenhouse gases. Plan a trip by your bicycle. When you travel by bicycle your own town appears to be different. Some of the cities are having bike lanes too for your convenience.


Cycling is also an exciting activity. Apart from social, economic and environmental benefits cycling also brings people together. There are a lot of reasons to love the world bicycle day.

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