What If You Used your Brain at Full Capacity?


When you used your brain fully can you do anything! Paint a masterpiece in a minute, Learn every language in an hour, build a multi-billion-dollar company overnight and rule the world by tomorrow! So if it is true what's holding you back? why can't you access your brain fully? Didn't hear enough Mozart as a baby? Didn't eat enough veggies growing up?


Or is it because you're not using your brain at its full potential? Want to know how you can? This is what if you used your brain at full capacity. The brain, to say the least,' is very complex. To be smarter your brain needs to be bigger? False. Brain size relates more to proportion than it does to intelligence. For example, here's your brain next to a whale's. Guess who's smarter? Guess who needs more processing power? Your brain is smaller than a whale's because your body is smaller. However, your brain is structured in a way that enables you to survive, and succeed. But after all that would you believe that humans only use 10% of their Brains?


Let make it 100%, we have seen what really smart people can do like Albert einstein.  With full access to your brain, you became limitless. Really limitless? But the real truth is when you access your brain at full capacity you used your all energy at one point that cannot be possible because your body parts used also energy to survive. so what the real way to become smarter? You have to stimulate your brain or do a challenging thing like solving a Rubik cube or playing chess.

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