What are the Causes of Global Warming & How Deeply They are Impacting Lives?


Global warming has seriously impacted the lives in many parts of the world and everyone talks about it but no one does anything about it. The earth is suffering from the activities of human beings, who are very much responsible for the occurrence of global warming, and if it continues to be like this, without a proper check on a larger and smaller scale then, we are going to pay a much higher price in the coming future. "Global warming" can be defined as the rise in the atmospheric temperature leading to several climatic changes that are affecting the normal lives of the people and affecting the natural constitution of the earth's natural resources, thus creating a way that leads to dangerous consequences. It is alarming to note that developed countries like the United States of America, China, India, Russia, Japan, Korea are the leading countries that are responsible for global warming, China topping the list and followed by the United States.


The majority of global warming is caused by seven important factors. This includes high emission of carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide and many nitrogenous gases into the environment which is the cause of the greenhouse effect. The harmful gases get trapped in the environment leading to an increase in the temperature of the surroundings. Other major causes of global warming include deforestation and clearing the forests for urbanization. It is happening with much force in many countries for better living, but it is creating a harmful scenario too. Deforestation also leads to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as trees are cut down and are making a negative impact.


Urbanization has its costs, electricity consumption has increased, and is directly linked with global warming. Though it is not significantly understood any changes done to nature will result in the opposite effect as nature balances everything so beautifully. People protests are witnessed in America, China, and Japan for reducing the causes and finding some alternate ways but the protests are only witnessed. Drilling oil machines into the grounds and water has also impacted nature and earth in different ways. Ocean water is rising, due to the melting of polar ice caps to a certain extent, which if not controlled will bring calamity to the survival of human beings.




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