The Logic behind the aroma of Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are always a treat to look at, sniff at and obviously taste. Ever seen anyone who hates chocolates!. Of course, there must be many exceptions, but right from children to adults we do know the craze of chocolate. The way people gulp it down, the way women who are menstruating crave for it. It is an idle gift for every partner. 


Ever wondered what makes it such an amazing delicacy that almost more than half of this world loves it. The scientist did wonder about this and after years of research they have found out a very big reason why chocolates are treated as one of the world's important treat.


The taste and experience of flavour chocolates give us is not just because of its flavour, rather it is a cumulative effect of the flavour and the smell. Of course, you must be wondering, who even patiently wait to sniff the thing, when it is meant to be gulped down as soon as we get it. Then, Scientists have logically resolved this aspect too.


Just like flowers have their fragrance and we have a certain number of essential oils in our homes, chocolates are made up cocoa beans which are roasted and are rich in beta-ionone that give them their amazing aroma. These are the fragrances that are much similar to the ones found in roses. The team of German scientists cue to finding out, what makes Dark chocolate so alluring to us, led us to this path and solution.


This beta-ionone not only can make chocolates alluring, rather according to the team, in future can make many other edibles as alluring as Dark chocolates. These cocoa beans don’t get their aroma from just these but a lot more substances.


Individually, these smell somewhat like, potato chips, human sweat, earth, cooked meat, peaches, raw beef fat, cooked cabbage, cucumber and honey.

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