Mahabharata: History or a Grand Fiction?

Mahabharata is alleged to have evolved over an amount of your time. Originally it had been simply eight,800 verses, aforesaid to be written down by Lord Ganesha and narrated by the good sage Veda Vyasa and referred to as the Jaya Veda. Later, it became twenty four,000 verses, referred to as the Bharata, once it had been recited by Vaisampayana. Finally, it had been recited because of a hundred,000 versed epic (the Mahabharata) by Ugrasravas, the son of Lomaharsana. it's divided into eighteen parvas.


The first author of what became sacred writing was Maharishi Ved Vyasa, United Nations agency was the grandpa of the Pandavas and also the Kauravas, the 2 families around whom this ancient epic revolves. All Indians have adult up hearing tales and looking at sacred writing, the good Indian epic. sacred writing is often related to Hinduism. Associate in Nursingd has an vast impact on Hindus and their cultural traditions. sacred writing in many ways has graven Indian culture and beliefs. Is sacred writing a reality or simply a tale? Well, readers across the globe have their own beliefs and views on identical, giving rise to an excellent dialogue. the globe looks to be divided on whether or not there's any historical proof to the story of sacred writing.


Facts presented by those who think Mahabharata is a reality, not fiction:-

1. In sacred writing, it's mentioned that it's Associate in Nursing “Itihas”. Aryans had coined the terms “Puraan” that was accustomed reason “ancient history” and “Itihaas” to reason “recent events”. If the author has supposed to write down a fictional story, he would have most likely mentioned it as “Katha”.

2. Bhagvat Geeta: Bhagvat Geeta is one in all the holy books of our Hinduism, could be a a part of Mahabharta.

3. It is believed that Bhagvat Geeta could be a documented narrative of Lord avatar to Arjun to fight within the war of Kurukshetra. If the complete story of Mahabharta was unreal and simply fiction, then what was the aim of the author to write down Geeta.

4. Those who have browse the sacred writing totally can’t deny the actual fact that every one places delineate in sacred writing area unit real places, all of them area unit well-known places and still exists with identical name. For Example Indraprastha, Dwarka, Hastinapur, Kurukshetra area unit the well-known places of Asian country that also exist with their original names.

5. There area unit several dynasties mentioned within the sacred writing. There area unit around fifty kings area unit mentioned in sacred writing from Barhi to the Pandavas. If the intention of Ved Vyas were simply to form fiction then why would he careful all the main points of the kings, their wives, their kids, relatives, etc.?

6. While sacred writing has undergone changes over a amount of your time, several of the sacred writing characters area unit mentioned within the sacred writing texts that haven't suffered interpolations as they were thought of sacred, and thus these should be representing historical persons. as an example, avatar is mentioned within the Chandogya Upanisad. alternative names like Vicitravirya, Santanu, Dhrtarastra, Janamejaya, and Pariksit are mentioned in alternative sacred writing texts.




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