Interesting Facts About Tunnels

Most of us have come across going through tunnels in our lives. It is an underground road or passway which is enclosed, only both the ends are left open. Tunnels can be used for different purposes like for mapping out roads, running metros, or trains. Tunnels are built by keeping in mind the texture, conditions, and sustainability of the soil and the ground. Also, the length, breadth, depth, and diameter of tunnels should also be kept in mind and should be properly examined before construction. There are other risk factors involved like temperature, pressure, climate change, soil condition, and other geographical factors.


For the fact, there are a number of tunnels formed naturally or say they are not man-made. The very reason for their formation is different geographical factors that may include volcanic eruptions, snow tunnels are formed by voles and chipmunks, etc. Some examples of natural tunnels are - natural tunnel state park (US), Punjabi Guha (Kerela, India). Talking about the longest highway tunnel connecting Jammu and Srinagar is a total length of 9.28 km. This tunnel was inaugurated on 2nd April 2017 by PM Narendra Modi. It connects Jammu and Srinagar by cutting the travel time of at least 2 hours. It reduces the travel between the two by approx 30 Kms. So, the next time you travel and see a tunnel don't take it ordinarily, every tunnel has a story!





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