Horror place in India must see


There are several buildings in India which are in the headlines due to ghosts and wandering spirits. Such places have withstood a gruesome curse for thousands of years. On the other hand, the perils hurt the people. Today we are telling the story behind the places that give birth to some tales... 


1.lambi dehar mines : Mussoorie. A place referred to as soon as beautiful rivers float around, the cold winds revive the mind, But in the midst of this beauty, there are many courts - houses in the history of the city to frighten even today. One of them is the long dear mines. It is said that when the sun sets, helplessness age is cut off, this pit sounds like Shouting as if saying, save us. Actually, in the 90s, the 50,000 Workers who worked in this quarrying got sick due to the drumming of limestone dust...Vomiting of blood and then death. Their spirits are still wandering in the quarry. Nobody dares to wander around the mine at night. 


2.dumas beach: This beach is 21 km from surat. The beach is famous for two things, one for it's black sand and others for being haunted. The meanwhile history is not linked with the love story of a king or a queen, but it is believed that centuries ago there has been a citadel of ghostly spirits and the sands have turned black. Of course, The intersecting dead body is a dead body. Corpses are burnt here. ex- The people believe that the spirit of those who do not have salvation or of those who have died prematurely will take shelter. 


3.agrasen baoli : Near Connaught place, the capital city of Delhi has a 14th-century alliance that is said to be hypnotized by its waters to commit suicide. This is the name of the baoli of again. It was built by maharaja again in the 14th century. Of this love, It was filled with a very special black water that would tempt people to do such a thing.


4.tunnel no.33 Shimla : ex-The locals believe that the spirit of engineering revolves even today in this tunnel. That is why nobody passes by this tunnel at night. The locals also say that a sound from inside the tunnel comes at night. The tunnel is, however, quite creepy. If all the lights on the tunnel are put out, it is a very scary inside. The water on the mountain keeps oozing out. Walking inside the tunnel will help you find a tunnel, where weird, poor sounds come from. The government applied an iron door to close the tunnel, but one-day people got the lock broken. Since then it has not been locked. Anyone can go there and hear creepy sounds. 


5. Bhangarh fort : Today, the souls of the massacres in this fort are still in wandering. The problem has been faced with the problem. Once the Indian government had set up a band of paramilitary forces to treat the truth, but that too was unsuccessful. Even now, when you are still alone in this fort, you can feel the sword - hopping and so on. In addition, women 's cries in rooms inside the fort or even cinders can be heard. In the last signs of the fort, it is very dark near the door where a small door is, sometimes it has a special smell. In the fort, the voice of the evening is very noble, and suddenly an awful voice can be heard.

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