The Fate of Person is Decided Before His Birth

Chanakya said that life span, occupation, wealth, education, and how one's death will occur is already decided by celestial power when he is in her mother's womb. According to some scriptures, a person can live the longest 120's smiling years. All we have is this very day because we don't know what will happen tomorrow nor we can change what happened yesterday. It's clear that our fate hangs over us. So, all we can do today to improve our life. Do we know our life span is already decided then why the hell, we waste our time? There are some people taking their life and time for granted as if they have millions of years left and some are just waiting to sit on the death bed. How someone could be so hopeless if they know they can be ready in a sec and they won't be able to live the same life again. People believe in 'luck' but how many of us try to understand the purpose of our life. Why I have been given human birth? To waste time or to live a mediocre life.


Take birth, gat a job, give birth, and then wait to die. Isn't it worth it? We don't know how much time we have. Despite this, we take our life and time for granted. Do you know how many years you are going to live on this Earth? If 'Yes' then do whatever you want to but if the answer is 'No' then we should not waste our time. We have limited time and energy. So, utilize it to know your purpose and take a step further to your growth and improvement. We are different from each other. Our thoughts, perspectives, attitudes, interests, everything is unique. But why is it so? Have you ever thought about why we are unique?


Although we know there is some reason behind it but still we try to copy others and ignoring our individuality. It's good to learn from people but copying them isn't okay. One should understand ourselves and do the things which suit us the best rather than following someone else. We are for a limited period of time. So, one should contribute to humanity. Know yourself purpose and think about how you can contribute and compensate for what you have taken from the nature. Why keep yourself away from perfection? Why do we want to remain in a comfortable situation even if we aren't able to grow? If our fate has been pretty decided then are we waiting for death and will regret on our death bed. Isn't it better to take action rather than regrets? We should live our life as if we have only one day to live. We can't change everything but we can definitely change our mindset and actions which will ultimately help in achieving goals.






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