Dare to be Different | Admire Yourself


There is nobody in this world who can do things in exactly the same way as you do them. The personal touch that you give to certain things can only be yours. You are someone unique. Never underestimate your abilities. You will never know what you can do till you tried no matter how good and how brilliant you admire yourself yet in some way in spite of all your handicaps you can be better than the person. So dare to be different. Each of us can be different from the others in our own little way let it be as best as you can make it. Do, and do not be afraid to be different. Everyone is important in life.


All of us are capable of making a contribution to life. You will remember the story of the three men who were working in a Cathedral. When questioned what they were doing, the first one said, "Earning a living." The second one said, "cutting the timber." But the card one questioned he said," I am building a Cathedral." The toward man was really different from the orders by his way of thinking. Let us also so live that when we die, even the undertaker will be sorry. A man should be out in the world while he is alive and leave behind his good deed and actions after the one has gone. Good actions towards others are always the best for you. In doing them you must act, suffer, and conquer.





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