Top 10 Creatures with Many Legs in the World

1. Insects such as ants fly: There are many legs for ants, flies, mosquitoes, and other reasons to fly, search for food, build its hoop, and protect themselves from enemies. They usually have 6 legs. 


2. The spider: The spider has 8 legs The spider's mouth has its poison. The spider can jump very high with its feet. It knocks the spider web using their feet. Its legs are very powerful weapons to protect the spider from predators. Some spiders have a history of injecting toxins into the human body through their legs.


3. Crab: Crabs live on land and in water. It has a thick outer tile on its body. Its legs were created to make it easier to walk on the ground and swim in the water. 8 legs for walking. There are 2 legs with the torso. This is to help the legs attack the enemy.


4. Woodlice: The woodlice have 7 pairs of legs, ie 14 feet. There are 5000 species of woodpeckers worldwide. It lives in very wet areas. It usually eats rich trees and plant products.


5. Caterpillar: The larval stage of the moth and butterfly. It has 16 legs. They are usually 1 mm to 14 cm in length. As caterpillars grow, moths also become butterflies. These creatures have sharp legs, which are used to move their legs in the ground or on the branches and leaves of trees.


6. Symphylans: It is one of the deadliest insects on earth. It has 24 legs. Grows up to 12 inches long. It has very dangerous toxic feet. Humans have also been affected by this. This is usually found in all sorts of situations. Stones can live in the trash because they need moisture. Usually found in red and brown.


7. Millipedes: Card species consists of 2 pairs of paired legs. These cards are usually cylindrical. The body consists of more than 20 sections. Card species range from 40 to 400 legs. It feeds on fungi and plant fluids. 


8. Centipede: It is the longest in the world. Can grow up to 70 millimeters. It consists of 77 pairs of 83 pairs of feet. It is yellow and pale brown. With a head wider than his body. These are found mainly in grasses and stones.


9. Himuntarum Gabrielis: It is of the Puran type and has 354 legs. It can grow up to 8.7 inches. It will be yellow and orange. Females have more legs than males.


10. Millipede- Illacme plenipes: Thousands of legged insect cardinal species called Illakmi plenipes. It will have 750 to 1000 feet. Female cardiovascular insects are much larger than male cardiovascular insects. Its legs are used to walk and sometimes attack enemies.




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