Unhealthy Relationships Lead To Dangerous Paths


Unhealthy relationships often lead to dangerous paths


Relationships are something people love to be in. When it comes to talking about relationships, it’s just not a couple’s relationship we are talking about, it includes all the kinds of relationships you have which may be related to your family, your relatives, your friends, your lover, and so on. When you come across people you tend to share some kind of relationship with them. It can be any kind of relationship but yes you always share a relationship with the person you come across.


When you talk about relationships, one thing that pop’s up in everyone’s head is their relationship good or bad. If you try to keep the relationship good in front of people, they would think a good image of your relationship, no matter with who it is but if you keep your relationship bad in front of people or keep it way too much good it would create a bad image in people’s head about your relationship. It's not how you present your relationship but the way you keep it and maintain it towards the people.


Unhealthy relationships often lead to dangerous paths. If your partner or your love ones insult you, do not give you the respect you deserve, treat you like the way you should not be treated and your relationship with them or your behavior and their behavior is more of a physical or at times more of physical abuse that is called or is known as unhealthy relationship. It’s not only that the young girls face such issues in their new relationships along with their partners but also everyone faces some kind of unhealthy relationship with some of the other people they come across.


It’s not easy to deal with such kind of relationships. If you are a parent and you face some kind of unhealthy relationship with your partner and it leads to physical harm and more like a painful abuse it might affect your family and if you have any child it might disturb them and they would not find the peace of mind they desire from the one place without fail also they will lack happiness because if their parents have abusive and physical violence against each other it might lead up to a lot of problems. This happens in marital relationships.


But what about those youngsters who have relationships without knowing what it is. An unhealthy relationship not only refers or means that the relationship where there is no respect, being treated like trash, and being abusive but also it refers to things that you should not do at a certain age because you are not matured enough and maybe it’s not the right thing you should do at that time. I often hear stories from people that a girl had been physical with her partner and then she got pregnant and then she had to abort the child and her parents never forgave her and she was ashamed of it. When people asked her also her family asked her why did she take such step she said her partner would leave her if she didn’t do it and ultimately her partner left her because she was pregnant, which is also known as an unhealthy.


Because when someone loves you or you love someone the person knows his or her limits and if they did want something real with you, they would never wish to do anything wrong with you. Not all relationships are like fairy tails or are like horror stories but there is a line in between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. If one could not try to maintain it, it leads towards a wrong path. Every relationship has ups and downs that does not mean you stop trying to maintain the fine line between unhealthy and healthy. It's you who decides to keep what relationship you want to maintain with your loved ones. Once it goes off the line it's hard to get it on the line.




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