These three things can damage your lungs, can cause cancer

These three things will damage your lungs:

1. Smoking

In the current area, the trend of cigarette smoking has increased very fast, not only the man but also the woman was responsible. The nicotine present in cigarettes damage the lungs and cause lung cancer. The greatest damage to the lungs is whether by smoking cigarettes or standing with someone. Along with smoking cigarettes, passive smoking can be dangerous to our lungs.

2. bleach

You may have heard of bleach sold in the bleach market. Bleach is often used to clean the skin, but did you know that bleach releases harmful gas like ammonia and chlorine, which can be quite fatal to your lungs? This type of gas can cause lung cancer.

3. Pesticides

we often use pesticides to kill mosquitoes and other insects in our home, with harmful substances like ammonia and chlorine. Moreover, nicotine is also used in certain pesticides. During this type of pesticides spray, when we breathe, they may get into the air and cause damage to our lungs. Use beds net if possible.

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