Why is Sunlight Important to Fight Against COVID-19?


Every morning, a few minutes of exposure to the sunlight can be effective for fighting against coronavirus. Research by Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge has proved so. The reason is the presence of Vitamin D in sunlight. It is found that Vitamin D boosts immunity in the body to fight against diseases. It is observed in the case of SARS COV-2, infected people with a deficiency of Vitamin D bears more risk than others. As well as the Ultra Violet rays emitted from the sun also forms a protective layer against the virus.


Research has shown that 75% of Corona patients show a deficiency of Vitamin D in their bodies. 98.6% of people who died due to COVID-19 had a deficiency of Vitamin D in their bodies. Due to lockdown, outdoor activities have minimized and everyone avoids leaving their houses even for their work, due to this there has been a rapid decline in intake of Vitamin D. Consumption of soya milk, cheese, milk, cereals is recommended as these food are the direct sources of Vitamin D.





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