Know How to Avoid Heart Attack

Many shocking results have come out at the National Heart Failure Summit. Cardiologist Dr. HK Bali said that the biggest thing that has come out at the summit is that the problems of youth, women, post-bypass patients, and people above 80 years of age are increasing. It was often believed that the disease occurs in women after the age of 45, but it is no longer so. Those people who did not have any problem related to the heart, they are also suddenly suffering from a heart attack. The summit organized by The Heart Foundation under the leadership of Dr. Bali was attended by 500 delegates from across the country and 113 faculty members. 90 Minutes of Heart Attack Important, It was believed at the summit that technology is advancing but doctors and patients are deprived of facilities in remote areas. It was then concluded that a pharmaco-invasive approach would work.


Dr. Bali said that in those areas, if the patient suffers from a heart attack, then he should be given medicines in the form of clot-buster so that he can get time to start treatment of the artery. Dr. Bali stressed that the time up to 90 minutes is most important before the attack. In this case, if the treatment of the artery is started from the wrist, then the life of any kind of patient can be saved. Angioplasty via wrist is beneficial Dr. Bali informed us that from 2011 till now our unit has undergone angioplasty (radial-angioplasty) during a wrist attack in 270 patients and results have improved. To perform angioplasty during a heart attack, doctors need to turn to radial-angioplasty. Experts have believed that vanishing stunts are better. All these things are beneficial only when the patient, his family, the doctors get full support from the government, and people are made aware of the technique from time to time.


At the summit, doctors came from the interiors of Kashmir, Uttarakhand, who are working to spread awareness in their respective areas. These are the symptoms of a heart attack; Severe pain in the middle of the chest, feeling as if an elephant has put its foot on your chest. This heaviness gradually reaches the shoulders and then the lower part of the jaw. All this can also be caused by doing more physical exercises, but if it is sudden, seek help from a doctor immediately. From such an attack Dr. Bali said that lifestyle is the biggest reason. Smoking cigarettes, not exercising, being stressed, etc. are all reasons. He advised us to give as much time to exercise as possible. Improve diet, reduce cholesterol in food, plan your work. Take leisure time and spend time with friends and family.




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